Call for submissions: Agen(c)y: A QTPOC Cabaret on Nonprofit Dreams + Disasters

Hey gurl,

Did your bootsy boss make you work @ your nonprofit during the general strike?

Did they say some bullshit like "If we went to every general strike, we'd never get any work done?"

This is for you, boo boo.

Download the attached short(ish) call for submissions for Agen(c)y: A QTPOC Cabaret on Nonprofit Dreams + Disasters!

And forward the fuck out of it.

If you read it and you're like "zomg I totally wanna submit something!!!" read the Agen(c)y call- full version 5.2.12. There are sooper important additions to Section V: our expectations of you if we work together, and a timeline.

Send your submission by May 23rd, please :)

Email my humans at agency[at]peacockrebellion[dot]org if you have q's.